"Powerful tool to manage Calls, PhoneBook and SMS Messages"
MegaCellX is a powerful tool to manage calls, contacts and SMS messages of your mobile phone. It's easy-to-use as an e-mail client and it integrate the Apple iApps like AddresBook, iTunes, DVDPlayer, QuickTime Player and iChat. You can use AppleScript events to extend the integration with other applications. The user-friendly interface makes backup and store tasking easy for mobile's contacts and SMS messages as well.

Working with SMS messages... fin_sms
  • read, edit, remove, search, print and send SMS messages
  • send: multiple SMS, long SMS and flash SMS
  • status report request for the sent SMS messages
  • import and export SMS messages from/to external text file
  • store an unlimited number of messages in MegacellX's internal DataBase and organize them in folders
  • integration between PhoneBook and SMS messages to simplify reading and writing of SMS
  • preferred phone number to send SMS
  • pop-up for incoming SMS messages
  • trigger AppleScripts for different SMS events
  • AppleScript support to send SMS from other applications
Working with PhoneBook...edit_rubrica
  • add, edit, remove, search and print your contacts
  • import and export contacts from external text file or vCard
  • full integration with Apple's Address Book
  • store an unlimited number of contacts in MegaCellX's internal DataBase and organize them in folders
Working with Calls...in_call
  • dial and answer calls from your Mac
  • display pop-up for incoming and outgoing calls using the phone's Apple's Address Book (including photo, when available) or internal DataBase's phone or phone's address book
  • forward calls by one click
  • preferred phone number to call
  • pause iTunes, QuickTime and DVD Player or set iChat away message when a call is in progress
  • trigger AppleScripts for different call events
  • AppleScript support to be used as dialer from other applications
MegaCellX is shareware which means it has fewer and limited features than registered version: you can store 10 SMS and contacts, the print and export functions are disable as well. As not-limited features you are able to send/read SMS and contacts from your mobile phone!!!

Supported mobile phones

MegaCellX supports all Bluetooth or IrDA (infrared) GSM compatible mobile phones. The mobile phone must have an AT compatible interface (most of models with built-in modem support this interface).
For more informations go to this link.