Every Bluetooth or IrDA compatible GSM mobile phone and even more phones should work. The phone must have an AT command interface (compliant ETSI GSM 07.05,07.07), usually supported by all mobiles with built-in modem.

Some Symbian OS phone are compatibile but you need to install an agent application on the phone like piAccess Link by Pragmaticomm Ltd. For more informations see this compatibility table.

These simple guidelines should tell you how to connect your phone:
  • Bluetooth
    MegaCell should support your Bluetooth mobile phone. Its necessary use MacOS X 10.2.8 or greater.
  • IrDA (infrared)
    MegaCell should support your mobile phone if it has infrared or can be upgraded with an infrared adapter. Only Powerbook G4(Gigabit Ethernet), PowerBook G4 (Titanium), Powerbook G3 and l'iMac rev. A a 233Mhz have IrDa port integrated. You need MacOSX 10.2.8 or greater.
    If your Mac hasn't the IrDa port you can upgrade it with an infrared USB adapter (with IrCOMM) like these: Sitecom CN-100 V1, Belkin Smartbeam (F5U230), WINIC W-USB-180.
  • Data cable
    Every USB device needs a software driver either built-in in your Mac OS or supplied by a third party:

Ericsson/Sony Ericsson T39 T68 T300 T610 T616 T630 T637 K700 K750i S700 R320 R380 R520 Z600 Z1010 V800 W800
PC Card GC75 GC85

Nokia(*) 6100 6210 6230(firmware >=5.35) 6310i 6350 6500 7110 8210 8310 8390 8910

Motorola(*)(**) Accompli 008 T260 T280 C380 V3 V60i V80 V300 V500 V525 V547 V551 V600 V620 V980 A630 A835 E398 E1000 E1050

Siemens(*) C35 M35 C45 MT50 M50 M55 MC60 C55 S40 S45 S55 S56 S65

Others(*) Alcatel OneTouch 500 501 700 701 715
Sharp GX15 GX30 TM200
Panasonic X70 GD87
Philips Fisio 820 825
Sagem MC959 myX-5
Samsung SGH-Q200 SGH-700

(*) Not manage the multinumber contacts
(**) Not manage the long SMS (more than 160 chars)
  • standard PC data cable 9 pins (DB9)
    you can use this cable with a Keyspan adapter like: Keyspan Hight Speed USB Serial Adapter
  • Motorola USB Data-Kit
    with Mac OS X v10.2.8 you needn't the driver
  • Sony Ericsson DCU-10 or DCU-11
    with Mac OS X v10.2.8 you can see this unofficial installation procedure
  • Siemens DCA-510
    Uses the Prolific PL-2303 chip and works with the Prolific drivers
  • third party
    If your USB cable has a Prolific PL-2303 chip use the Prolific drivers
    The data cable Nokia DKU-5 haven't MacOSX driver.

Sony Ericsson P800 P900 P910

Nokia N70 N90 6600 6630 6680 6681 6682 3230 6670 7610 6620 6260

Motorola A1000

Samsung SGH-Z600 SDH-D720

Panasonic X700 X800

(*) you need to install piAccess Link on the phone

Nokia 9300 9500 (**)

Siemens SX1(*)

Others Sendo X(*)

(*) All features currently limited to SIM Card
(**) Supports only the sending SMS

Motorola V710 A920 A925

LG U8110 LX325 PM325

Others Treo 650
Blackberry 7100 7290
iPAQ 6315 6340
NEC 606e 616
Orange SPV E200 C500
Samsung SGH-D500
Sony Clie UX50